Thank you for coming here, we hope you take the time to look around this page and read about the street children of Ukraine.
With this page we want to make it possible for you to help street children in Ukraine, either by donating a gift or visiting one of our advertisers / sponsors.

We collect money for three different purposes…
1: We donate the money directly to the "Father's House" in Ukraine.
2: We donate the money to the camp(Read more).
3: We donate the money directly to any family where extra support is needed, such as for food, housing,
clothes and education for the children.

Donate a gift

Help us to help by donating a gift. For us, there is no such thing as a small gift. The money goes directly to the orphanage "Fadershuset" in Ukraine. Read more about the orphanage ....


According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have the right to grow up in safety and security, free from violence.

Ett liv utan mat
Ett liv i kloaker

Sniffing glue to quench their hunger, this is the reality for these children. The boy in the middle is probably no more than 4-5 years old.

Glue & tobacco is something they steal to satisfy their hunger and stun their longing for mom and dad and a decent life.

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