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Hello and thank you for finding here, we thank you in advance for your gift, no gift is too small. We not only hope that you will give a gift but you may even feel that you can give a contribution every month or the item another month


We collect money for three different purposes…
1: We donate the money directly to the "Father's House" in Ukraine.
2: We donate the money to the camp(Read more).
3: We donate the money directly to any family where extra support is needed, such as food, housing, clothes and education for the children.

Should there be any surplus, this money will go to joint events, such as holidays around Christmas and other holidays.

When you give your gift, we ask you to mark one of the options.
"Father's House"
"Family support"

If there is no label, we put the money where the need is greatest.
Send within Sweden
Bank: SEB
Account information: Cl number: 5164 Account: 08 691 74
Send from abroad
Bank: SEB / Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
Iban-nummer: SE7150000000051640869174

Donate 100SEK
Donate every month