Nastya is adopted!!!

On April 13th the farewell party for Nastya from the ”Father’s House” Family Care Centre was organized.

It’s already more than six years as Nastya is under care of Father’s House. Together with her we have been going through difficult times and hours of joy. In her life she has gone from life on the street to the rehabilitation at the ”Treasure Island” summer camp, then the Center of Social Care and the Center of Family Care.

In the beginning of February the couple from USA came to Ukraine. It’s a Christian family, with 6 own children 4 biological – 3 girls and one boy – and two adopted boys from Ukraine. The family came with a desire to adopt two more boys. When they have met Vitaliy and Eugeniy at Kyiv state orphanage and found out that they have a sister here at Father’s House, they’ve decided to become parents for Nastya as well.

The legal procedure of adoption is finished and happy Nastya together with her brothers is leaving to United States.

All Father’s House children were wishing Nastya all the best a lot of new friends and promised to keep in touch with her.

A new life is starting for Nastya. And from the depth of our hearts we wish her to bring happiness into her new family and to be cared and loved by her new parents.

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