Our business

All children should have the right to a safe upbringing regardless of which country they live in. We in the UK have chosen to focus on street children in Ukraine. We work and help in various projects to help street children, prevent children from ending up on the street without their parents.

Ukraine kids work long-term and do it together with orphanages, families in crisis teachers. We work a lot with the orphanage called Fadershuset.

Although Ukraine and its street children are our main focus, we do not hesitate to help where disasters have occurred.

Project in Ukraine

We are working on several projects in Ukraine. Some selected projects are:


According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have the right to grow up in safety and security, free from violence.


Patrik Lundqvist

Patrik is the founder of Ukraina Kids and has since 2009 helped street children in Ukraine

Andreas Aspenes

Vice Chairman
Andreas made his first trip to Ukraine in 1994 and has since worked with street children in Ukraine. Andreas was also involved in starting up camps that were held in Sweden.

Valentyna Lundqvist

Valentyna är ambassadör för barnhemmet Faders Huset i Ukraina, Valentyna har själv bott på barnhemmet som barn, i vuxen ålder kom hon tillbaka för att arbeta på Faders Huset.